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Creating & Targeting Ads

How do I create a Keyword-targeted Mobile App Install Ad using SearchMan?

To create an ad, log into your SearchMan account, go to “Ads”, select the App you want to advertise and go to the Ads creation tool. There, we will guide you through creating your ads.

What are the Ad Creative Specifications?

Text: Using 130 characters, tell people more about your application and make sure you clearly explain what you are promoting

Image: Add an eye-catching image that is related to your application. Choose an image that works well with both retina & non-retina devices. Images should be 600 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall. Ads may not include images comprised of more than 20% text (more info from FB here). Need an image quickly?

Where can I see a preview of my ad?

You will see an ad preview on the ad creation tool

What are my Ad Targeting Options?

Your ad is more likely to perform better if it’s displayed to the people who are most likely to be interested in your app.

You can choose the devices, wireless connection, gender, age, and likes and interests (using keywords), relationship status, and education of your target audience.

What is SearchMan’s Ad Review Process?

When your ad is submitted, it’s waiting to be reviewed by our team. If your ad is approved, we will run the campaign. If your ad isn’t approved, you’ll receive an email letting you know which Advertising Guidelines were violated. Both new and duplicated ads are subject to review.

Ads are generally reviewed within 2 business days, and may be reviewed sooner when submitted Monday through Friday during US business hours (Pacific Time).

If you create ads during the weekend, you may experience longer review times. If you know you will have a time-sensitive campaign in the future, we also recommend creating your ads in advance and scheduling them for a future flight date so there is no delay.

What are SearchMan’s Advertising Guidelines?

SearchMan’s Advertising Guidelines can be found here: Advertising Guidelines

How do I view the status of my ads?

You can view the status of your ads by accessing your campaign dashboard where we will list the status of any ad campaigns on your account under the "Status" column next to the campaign.

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