Campaign Naming Rules When Using 3rd Party Mobile Measurement Tools

Mobile measurement companies provide performance metrics (including attribution, lifetime value, downstream conversions, ROI, etc) and analysis across acquisition channels.

Naming Rules: Include the word “searchman” in your campaign name, in order to be able to access performance metrics about SearchMan ad campaigns in your mobile measurement company’s tool.

Has Offers
AD-X: campaign name *starts with SearchMan. Eg: 'SearchMan_RestOfName...'
Kontagent: campaign name *starts with SearchMan. Eg: 'SearchMan_RestOfName...' CyberZ (F.O.X.): include 'searchman' anywhere in the campaign name

Setting Up a 3rd Party Measurement Partner: Typical integration steps include (but are not limited to):

  1. Integrating the Facebook-enabled mobile measurement company's SDK in your iOS or Android app.
  2. Updating your privacy policy with the appropriate terms (as specified by the mobile measurement company).
  3. Entering your Facebook App ID in the mobile measurement company's tool.
  4. Launching your mobile app install focused ad campaigns on SearchMan.
  5. Start attributing installs, events, and revenue generated by SearchMan Ad Buys.
Integration steps will differ by company. Please contact the company for more information.
Partner List:
Facebook-enabled mobile measurement companies as of July 2013 include: HasOffers, Kochava, AD-X, Adeven, Adways, Apsalar, Appsflyer, CyberAgent, Kontagent, Localytics, Septeni, Swrve, and TradeMob

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