CPI Ads: Requirements

CPI is available only for free & freemium apps registered with Facebook and instrumented for the measurement of app installs. If your app is registered and instrumented for measurement, SearchMan can detect this, and therefore, you will be able to select "CPI Pricing" on your Ad Buying Page. If not, please read these requirements below:

How to verify that installs *are indeed measurable for your App by Facebook:

a) Go to the Facebook dashboard and select the appropriate app in the left menu
b) Go to Insights and click "See All"
c) Select "Mobile App Installs" in the left menu
If Mobile App Installs are more than 0, then you should be enabled for the CPI pricing model

How to enable CPI?

To enable Facebook to count your app installs you must

1) register your App with Facebook (select "+Create New App" here)

2) Then you must enable install measurement in one of 2 ways:

Integrate with the latest Facebook mobile SDK (iOS and Android)
Integrate with any of the Facebook mobile measurement partners

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