Why is my Ad running so slowly?

There are several possible reasons that your ad might be running slowly. 

1) Creative: When ads are engaging and drive more clicks & installs, they get prioritized and run faster

2) Bid: Low bids can lead to under delivery. Advertisers should always bid their true max bid.

3) Campaign Schedule: Running your campaign ASAP tends to deliver faster than custom start & end dates

4) Micro-targeting: Super small addressable audiences can lead to under delivery

5) Increased Competition For Certain Users: Sometimes highly sought after target groups become more expensive for a period of time, causing under delivery

6) Seasonality: When many advertisers simultaneously spend large budgets at the end of a month, a quarter, or during a holiday period, prices tend to rise sharply, causing under delivery

7) Shocks to the system: Sometimes, advertisers spend a lot of money on FB ads over a short period of time. As a result, an advertiser who may have been getting normal delivery may suddenly see its ads stop delivering. For example, if advertiser A spends millions of dollars launching a product to a very specific audience during the course of a week, the clearing price for these users will obviously go up.  Advertiser B who is targeting the same users may suddenly find its ads are seeing lower delivery.  

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