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What is "Keyword Library"?

In the Keyword Library you will find a list of the Root (single) keywords you have stored on SearchMan. Here we list related Keyword Phrases and you can check out the Keyword Volume, # of Hits and the Keyword Efficiency Index.  You can also add to your "Keyword Notepad".

Keyword Volume: 
Indicates the number of times this term is searched for (on a scale of 100) by people using mobile devices with full internet browsers in each country.

The number of actual search results (apps) returned when you search for a term.  The graph depicts the number of search results returned on a scale of 100.  If you do not see the "Hits" score, it's because we don't have the data....yet.

Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI):
This score indicates this keyword’s potential to drive traffic to your app. A keyword with high volume and low competition (Hits) would result in a higher efficiency score. For Japan, we use a keyword’s number of appearances across all apps as a proxy for volume.

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