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Introduction - About SearchMan

What is SearchMan?

SearchMan is an app analytics company dedicated to helping developers track search rankings, analyze keywords, track competitors and optimize everything to improve their app's search rankings & increase organic downloads. Our software tools & how-to tutorials make App Store search engine optimization easy.

How Is SearchMan different? 

We are focused on building a Pro self-serve SEO tool, simplified for busy developers. Our unique features include:

-Auto-SEO tool which proposes data-driven keyword fixes in less than 30 seconds
-Search Visibility tracking, that summarizes all keywords and all rankings into one easy to track performance metric
-Instant globalization opportunity with data from the wealthiest markets (Japan, US, UK, iOS, Google Play)
-Keyword Library with recommendations of high volume, low competition keyword phrases which are similar to keywords you already use.
-Missing Keyword information - words used by your competitors but not by you.
-and countless more features with news ones added very frequently (based on customer feedback & requests)

How Does SearchMan Gather Data?

On a daily basis SearchMan measures approximately 1.5 million apps X top 250 search rankings X 1 million keywords X 3 platforms (Google Play, iPhone, iPad) X 3 countries (US, UK & Japan).

We query the App Stores to get search results for all keywords and phrases that our customers tell us they want data for. In addition, we independently "read" all public keywords (App name and descriptions) of an App for all the hundreds of thousands of Apps in the App stores to form a self-improving "dictionary" of over a million keywords and phrases.

Our technology is unique and enables us to gather *accurate daily data at scale and analyze it to recommend keywords, competitors, and other useful information to help App developers improve their discoverability inside App Store search results.

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