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How do I copy/paste my iTunes Keywords from iTunes Connect?

In order for us to be able to suggest keyword optimizations accurately, it is important that you share with us the keywords that you have submitted to Apple inside your iTunes Connect account.

To access these keywords, there are 3 steps:
a) login to iTunes Connect with your Apple Developer ID & Password
b) copy the keywords from section highlighted with the red arrow below
c) return to our service and paste the keywords into the "iTunes Connect keywords" box under the "My Keywords" section and click 'save'.

1) After logging in on iTunes Connect, select "Manage Your Applications"

2) After this, select an App in your portfolio and click on "View Details"

3) Copy the iTunes keywords from the section marked below (red arrow), and then return to our service, go back to the "My Keywords" section, and paste your keywords into the box under the "Keywords in iTunes Connect"section. After this, our service will crunch the data and help you optimize your search results visibility with your "secret" iTunes Keywords, instead of "public" keywords. We can't wait! Woohoo!

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