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  1. Are there per-user fees, contracts or set-up fees?

  2. Campaign Bids, Costs & Budgets FAQ’s

  3. Campaign Naming Rules When Using 3rd Party Mobile Measurement Tools

  4. Can I invite members of my team to my SearchMan account?

  5. CPI Ads: Requirements

  6. Creating & Targeting Ads

  7. Do you have a reseller program?

  8. Do you share my iTunes Keywords?

  9. Free Market Data

  10. Give us your feedback!

  11. How do I copy/paste my iTunes Keywords from iTunes Connect?

  12. How do I find my Competitors?

  13. How do I link my iTunes Account?

  14. How do I manage my Email Notifications?

  15. How do I save an additional 50%?

  16. How do I update my credit card details?

  17. How do I update my email address?

  18. How do I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my subscription?

  19. How does SearchMan produce Public keywords for an App?

  20. How to find your Facebook App ID

  21. How to use SearchMan: SEO for Apps

  22. How will you adjust my charges if I change my plan between billing cycles?

  23. Introduction - About SearchMan

  24. Is my data secure?

  25. Is the Keyword Volume scale of 1-100 based on real numbers?

  26. Keyword Graphs - Adding Keywords

  27. Need an Image for your Ad quickly?

  28. Overview - Adding Apps, Competitors and Keywords

  29. Overview of SearchMan Ads

  30. Payments & Security

  31. Pricing & Discounts

  32. SearchMan Advertising Guidelines

  33. SEO - Android vs. iOS

  34. Tips on How to Determine a Max Bid

  35. Top 10 Developer Mistakes - Google Play

  36. Top 10 Developer Tips - iOS

  37. Tracking Competitor Keywords

  38. What changed after iOS 6?

  39. What factors affect Apple's Algorithm?

  40. What is "Keyword Library"?

  41. What is "Visibility Score" and how should I interpret it?

  42. What is Flurry Analytics and how can I connect my Flurry Account?

  43. Where can I view my invoices?

  44. Where is my iTunes Apple ID and Password?

  45. Which countries does SearchMan collect data from?

  46. Which web browsers does SearchMan support?

  47. Why can't I find my newly launched App on SearchMan?

  48. Why can’t I see my newly launched App on SearchMan?

  49. Why is my Ad running so slowly?

  50. Why is the ranking data from my App missing (after June 16, 2014)?

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